young adults

They have walked our hallways, been on our retreats, and we have shared life... till they walked across that High School stage.  Maybe they are new to our community; sojourners for the next 4 years while they gain understanding. College students...young adults... twenty-somethings... we are not even sure what to call them not to mention how to minister alongside of them. Where do I begin?

We hope this page becomes a place to connect, equip, and launch. There are many of us asking the same questions about this age group; yet, we don't have dialogue partners. We want to provide you with an opportunity to connect with others around the KCD who have similar questions. We want to provide some resources that have been meaningful to us along the journey of ministry to young adults. We under no pretense of having all the answers; rather, we hope that we can ask questions together that will further launch us on this journey with young adults.

We believe this will be a work in progress. We don't want to answer questions that aren't being asked; therefore, some of the content will be dependent upon you and your questions. Contact Carlos Portillo at
or Mario Flores at with any questions you may have.